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Self Care 101

What is it?

Self-care is the practice of taking actions to take care of one’s own health

Why is it important?

Self-care is important because it reduces stress levels, maintains focus and helps people refocus and it boosts a person’s happiness.

Self-care ideas & its benefits

Hot bath

Helps you sleep better

Relieves muscle pain

Elevates your mood


Can decrease stress

Relieves anxiety

Reduces inflammation


Reduces risk of depression

Relieves pain and increases pleasure

Increases melatonin

Eat clean

Weight loss

Glowing skin

Better mood

Alone time

Increases productivity

Boosts your brain

Time to discover and connect with feelings


Combats health conditions and diseases

Increases energy levels

Beneficial to muscles and bones

Consistent sleep routine

Positive effect on a person’s well being both physically and mentally

Improves concentration and productivity

Maximizes athletic performance

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